A new battle has broken out before the big battle between the Moors and Christians in Soller on Monday with organisers fuming over plans to curtail the use of gunpower. Health and safety had wanted its use curtailed to some given areas but organisers said that this would torpedo the whole event.

The war of words continued this morning with organisers saying that the Government Delegate's Office would dynamite the mock battle if they stuck to their guns over the use of gunpowder. There was even talk of a protest by the organisers who refuse to surrender to the health and safety brigade.

The mock battle is a recreation of an event in the 16th century in which Moorish pirates raided Soller but were beaten off by local residents, gunpowder and all. Organisers said that the Health and Safety brigade had lit the fuse of discord and that there had been an explosion of support for the event in its initial form.