Photo: Joan Llado.

The British superyacht, Grace, is cruising around Mallorca waters. She is owned by John Reece, an accountant and partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, who joined the chemicals conglomerate Ineos, and is now the chief financial officer and a minority shareholder. In May 2021, Forbes estimated Reece's net worth to be $5.7 billion.

Grace is the 126th largest yacht ever created. She can accommodate 12 guests in six cabins and has a annual running cost of between $10 and 14 million dollars.

Ineos are the main sponsor of Britain's bid for the America's Cup. They have established a base in Palma as part of their challenge for sailing glory.

Ineos, a London-based conglomerate, produces everything from synthetic oils and plastics to solvents used to make insulin and antibiotics. Sir James Arthur Ratcliffe, the Chief Executive of Ineos, has made a bid for Manchester United.