The BH Mallorca Hotel. | Michel's

Calvia police report having arrested two British male tourists on Friday after they assaulted a security guard at the BH Mallorca Hotel in Magalluf.

Around 5am, police were called to a different hotel, reception saying that there were two guests with injuries. They told officers that they had had an altercation with a security guard at another hotel after he had prevented them from entering as they were not staying there. They had gone with two women they had met.

The officers then went to the BH. The security guard was no longer there. By then, he was at a medical centre receiving treatment for an injury he had suffered. Other staff explained to police that the guard had told the two Britons, aged around 25, that they couldn't go to the women's rooms. At this point, they had attacked the guard, who fell down some stairs as a result.

Based on this information, the officers returned to the hotel where the two were staying and arrested them for having caused injury. The security guard's right hand was fractured. As to the two tourists, one of them had a small cut to an eyebrow.