Interior of a caravan on offer to tourists.

There are different explanations for a proliferation of motorhomes and caravans in various parts of Mallorca. One is that people are living in them, which may be a lifestyle choice but is more commonly because they are unable to find affordable or decent homes. This aspect of caravan living has been highlighted in a video to accompany the SOS Vivienda campaign that was launched on Wednesday by the construction and real estate sectors - a newspaper report concerning residents' complaints features in the video.

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While there has been pressure from the caravanning association for sites to spend a weekend or a few days, another explanation for the proliferation is that they are being offered for rent for extended periods, be this permanent or temporary renting. And then there is the offer for tourists, adverts for which can be found on accommodation websites. An example is a caravan with beds and kitchen that is close to services such as a laundrette, supermarkets and bike rental and benefits from sea views and quick access to the beach. Prices vary; one is on offer for 57 euros a night.

Popular locations include Ciudad Jardín in Palma and Cala Blava in Llucmajor. Where the tourist offer is concerned, there is no doubting its illegality; it is impossible to register motorhomes and similar as tourist accommodation.