Scooters and electric bikes rather than cars for travel in urban environments. | Daniel Espinosa

The Balearic government is to allocate one million euros of tourist tax revenue to subsidise the purchase of scooters and electric bikes.

Under this scheme, the maximum price of an electric bike will be 2,000 euros except for bikes adapted for people with reduced mobility, in which case it will be 3,000 euros. For scooters, the maximum will be 700 euros (or 1,000 euros for adapted scooters for people with reduced mobility).

The subsidies will be up to 600 euros for bikes (900 for reduced mobility) and 200 euros for scooters (or 275).

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In justifying this use of tourist tax revenue, the government says that it will assist in providing personal mobility vehicles and electric bikes rather than cars for travel in urban environments. "It can contribute to a very important degree in making transport more efficient and sustainable. It will also contribute to traffic calming and reducing vehicle congestion in urban areas."

The government adds that the aid is within the context of the progressive implementation of renewable energy and the electrification of transport, which are linked to energy efficiency measures.

The announcement of this aid has been made in the Official Bulletin of the Balearics. There is a July deadline for requests, the government suggesting that the budget may be increased dependent on demand.