The police recovered the stolen scooter. | Policia Nacional

Four people were arrested by the National Police on Monday after a collision between two scooter riders led to a violent assault and robbery.

The accident occurred around 8.45pm in the Hostalets neighbourhood in Palma. One of the two involved demanded money from the other, saying that he had damaged his scooter. The man who was the eventual victim suggested that he should call the police. Rather than doing so, he became aggressive but did make a phone call - to some friends.

Three other individuals very soon arrived by car. The four repeated the demands for money. When these demands were refused, they kicked and punched him, stole his phone and scooter and then left the scene.

He was able to alert the police, who located the car and its occupants on C. Reis Catòlics. The stolen phone and scooter were retrieved and they were arrested. It was established that the status of all four in Spain is "irregular". Their nationalities have not been disclosed.