EMSER is the town hall entity that collects the waste and cleans the streets. | J. ROIG

Worker representatives at Pollensa’s EMSER 2002 municipal services company have denounced what they claim to have been a “hand-picking” of new staff.

EMSER is the town hall entity that collects the waste and cleans the streets. It has known some controversy in the recent past - allegations of discrimination against a female employee - and it now finds itself bang at the centre of another row. The representatives say that at the beginning of this month they found out that EMSER was conducting a selection process that was allegedly not in accordance with the law. EMSER apparently responded by saying that no selection was being made but that five people who had left their CVs with the company in January had been asked if they were available to start work.

In the view of the worker representatives, therefore, there had been sufficient time from January to March to establish a selection process in line with the “constitutional principles of access to the municipal company” - getting a job in other words.

Although it had appeared as if there wasn’t, in any event, a selection process, on March 16 EMSER called a meeting with the worker representatives at which it was agreed to make an “urgent” offer of work that would be in line with set procedures. This, it is alleged, was a “smoke screen”. On the same day as the meeting, the company sent out a letter in which it presented two new drivers who had been hired in time for the 2023 tourism season. The representatives claim that before March 16, these two new employees had already been given uniforms and protective clothing.

All this has prompted them to suggest that “appropriate” legal action may be taken and that a complaint may be sent to the Anti-Corruption Office; public sector contracting and allegations that this has not been by the book are matters for the office.

Well, if procedures haven’t been adhered to, then there probably is a case, even if it sounds like a bit of a mountain out of a molehill. There again, it would seem that something similar happened in 2022. As to any involvement of the Anti-Corruption Office, it might be noted that the councillor with ultimate responsibility for EMSER is the same councillor, Francisca Cerdà, who was referred to the office for allegedly having jumped the Covid vaccination queue.

It's going to be a busy season.

Puerto Alcudia - 60% open for Easter

According to the Alcudia-Can Picafort hotels association, the curious amalgamation that exists either side of Playa de Muro, the Alcudia element will be knocking spots off the Can Picafort division at Easter. Sixty per cent of establishments in Puerto Alcudia will be open for Easter, while only 45% in Can Picafort will be. Oh well, look on the bright side, Can Picafort, as the 60% might conceivably be higher.

The figures we get presented for hotel opening, and this applies to the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation especially, don’t give a wholly accurate picture. This is because they are figures for members of associations (or federations). Not all establishments are members by any stretch of the imagination. For the whole of Mallorca, the federation covers around 50% of all types of establishment. In Puerto Alcudia, the percentage of membership is greater than this, but there are certain notable absentees from the list of hotels that appears on the association’s website. Bellevue is one; Lagomonte from the same group, BlueBay, is another.

The sixty per cent equates to 31 out of 51, and so, as the association has explained, there will be some 14,000 or so beds available in April. Perhaps so, but if Bellevue were to be fully operational, these could feasibly be topped up by some 5,000, a figure which does just indicate how significant single hotel operations can be. Agreed, Bellevue is a collection of establishments but it is still one entity - the largest in Alcudia, the largest in Mallorca. Belleuve well and truly puts the mass into mass tourism in Alcudia, overshadowing the second largest - Club Mac with some 2,200 beds in its three hotel buildings; Club Mac is a listed association member.

Anyway, whatever the percentage of opening may be for all hotels, the starting pistol for the new season is about to be fired. And it’s going to be a very busy season.

Tomeu Cifre, Miquel Àngel March and Pep Marquet
Tomeu Cifre, Miquel Àngel March and Pep Marquet.

All good friends at the bus station

Radio Pollença has celebrated its twentieth anniversary. There was a party for this. It was held in the old bus station - Can Villalonga, which the town hall has recently purchased for 2.4 million euros.
The photo album of the occasion showed that political rivals can at times seem to be on friendly terms. Miquel Àngel March of Junts Avançam, the mayor from 2015 to 2019, was flanked by Tomeu Cifre of Tots, who is hoping to return as mayor after the election, and Pep Marquet of El Pi, who is the current councillor for culture; Tots and El Pi have formed a pact for the election.