The petrol station in Plaça Progrés. | Gemma Marchena

The saga of the petrol stations on the Avenidas and in Plaça de Progrés in Palma still isn't at an end. This is despite the company, Ferrer, having failed to convince the courts for an injunction to stop the town hall procedure that requires it to close the two petrol stations, remove the pumps and everything else and then decontaminate the sites.

The councillor for internal affairs, Claudia Costa, says that if the company doesn't comply with these demands, penalties will be imposed - five per cent of the value placed on the two petrol stations. She hopes that the threat of these fines will be sufficient to convince Ferrer, who operate seventeen other petrol stations in Mallorca.

Notification of the court's decision, which the company has received, in effect serves as an order to comply with the town hall's demands. Costa adds that she has called a meeting with company representatives; this may be next week. The town hall could potentially get the police to force evictions, but Costa is ruling this out, as "we don't want to involve the workers". "They are not to blame for anything."

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The concession for operating the petrol stations expired in 2008. The town hall charge for the concession hasn't been paid since 1985.