The National Police made the arrests in Palma and Manacor. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Two incidents in recent days demonstrate how the police are able to act swiftly and effectively in preventing squatting.

On Thursday last week, the National Police in Manacor went to a property after several calls reported that the alarm system had been disabled and that people had occupied it. The police found a Spanish couple aged 22 and 27. A check showed that they both had police records for similar offences. They were arrested.

On Saturday, a neighbour called the National Police to say that a property in Son Gotleu (Palma) had been occupied. The anti-squatter door had been removed. On this occasion, the police found two Spanish women, ages 20 and 42, and two small children. The women insisted that they had been living there for several days. However, the police discovered the anti-squatter door and a security alarm and camera that had been disabled and torn off the wall.

Security companies responsible for the alarms were able to confirm that the alarms had gone off but were quickly disconnected. Activation of alarms is proof for the police that occupation has just occurred.

The two women in Son Gotleu were also arrested; the children were put in the care of relatives.