Nurses are particularly in demand. | Teresa Ayuga

Union representatives in the Balearics say that workers from the islands are particularly attractive to employers in European countries. The islands' workers enjoy a good reputation abroad, especially those from the service sector.

Ana Landero of the UGT is concerned by the amount of talent being enticed away from the Balearics, attributing this to the fact that workers on the islands "do not feel valued". There are better employment conditions to be had in other countries, with Germany, Finland and Norway being among the leaders.

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Salaries for health workers can be up to 3,500 to 4,000 euros a month. For other jobs, e.g. chefs or bus/coach drivers, the salaries are lower - generally around 2,500 euros - but there is the guarantee of twelve months' work, while companies in other countries are known to offer assistance with finding accommodation and various perks, e.g. free membership of gyms. Language isn't necessarily a barrier, but this is something else for which there is company help - free training courses.

The types of job available and which are offered on the EURES network of employment services tend to be precisely the ones which employers in the Balearics have experienced difficulties when it comes to recruitment. As well as health workers, chefs and drivers, bricklayers and electricians are in high demand.