The police raided two addresses. | Youtube Última Hora

A police operation on Tuesday against a youth gang has resulted in eight arrests.

Around 7am, Palma and National Police officers forced their way into the former bank branch on C. Joan Crespí which has been used as a squat

Arrests were made at the squat and at a second address on C. Industria, which was raided at the same time. Police seized machetes and knives, a shotgun and drugs.

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Among the eight arrests were a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy, who was not charged and was later handed over to his parents.

Inspector Alejandro Becerra, head of the National Police's communications office, says that this is a youth gang which "has been causing coexistence problems and robberies in the city". "In the coming days, once the defendants are brought to justice, further information will be provided."

More explicitly, police sources have described El Caserío 24/7 as a very dangerous gang dedicated to the systematic robbery of people, premises and homes. The operation on Tuesday is understood to be the culmination of several months' investigation.

Recently, a spokesperson for El Caserío 24/7 said that they were not a gang but a family "that fights every day and tries to survive". "We are a family. The bad reputation just started bit by bit."