The Guardia Civil at the scene today. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Guardia Civil is continuing work today on an estate in the area of La Porrassa, in Magalluf (Calvia, Mallorca), excavating the land as part of the investigation into the disappearance of the young Malén Ortiz on December 2, 2013.

Civil Guard officers began inspecting the property early on Monday morning.
It is a piece of land next to a stud farm, which is located at a point close to the route that, according to the reconstruction carried out by the investigation, the minor made on the day she disappeared.

On Monday, part of the operation was spent in prospecting the land with a hammer, in an area with rubble and mounds of earth and rocks. After the earth had been drilled, trained dogs were used to comb the indicated points.

Although the Guardia Civil do not want to give out any details so as not to prejudice the investigation, the attitude of the agents suggested that on the first day there were no significant findings.

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However, today the efforts seem to continue to concentrate on this particular point on the estate, a cleared area between the coral and an abandoned building before the road.

They are working with an excavator and more officers have been seen than on the first day, some of them with bags or cameras to document the process. They are also continuing to work with dogs and units from the Mountain Rescue Group (GREIM) have been brought in.

Malén Zoe Ortiz disappeared in December 2013, when she was 15 years old. The minor was seen at the pirates’ roundabout in Magalluf, when she was going to eat at her boyfriend’s house in Son Ferrer, after leaving high school in Santa Ponsa.

She was recorded by the security camera of a petrol station in the area, after getting off a bus, carrying her green scooter. She was wearing a checked shirt and a denim jacket. However, she never arrived at her destination.

The search was conducted by land, sea and air. At first, the hypothesis of a voluntary disappearance was considered, but later on, that of a forced disappearance gained strength.
Since then, relatives and friends of the young woman have organised regular rallies to ensure that she is not forgotten.