One of the cars on C. Pina. | Pedro Pons

In the early hours of Saturday morning, six cars on four streets in Palma were set ablaze.

The fires were between 2.30 and 3.00 on Gloria Fuertes, Biniali, Pina and Músico Arrieta, which aren't all in the same district. Biniali and Pina are; they're in Rafal Vell. A resident of C. Pina says that his wife started to hear explosions, leaned out of a window and saw a car on fire. On C. Biniali, residents went out onto the streets to try and find who was responsible.

Car that was set on fire in Palma Mallorca

The National Police mounted searches in the three districts - Rafal, El Vivero and Son Rullan - but were unable to locate anyone.