The National Police dealt with two incidents at the same squat. | Archive

On Sunday, the National Police in Palma arrested six people accused of having forced their way into a squat with the intention of taking over the squat and removing the squatters who were already there.

The property in question is on C. Joan Bauzá in the Pere Garau district. Police were called on Sunday evening and found that the door had been forced and that there was broken glass. They heard shouts from inside, the would-be squatters having entered with knives. Two people, one of them a minor, were arrested for breaking and entering and threatening behaviour.

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The squatters maintained that the property was theirs, as they had been living in it for ten days; hence the arrests for breaking and entering.

This was the second such incident at the property over the weekend. In the early hours of Sunday, the police arrested four other people after they had forced their way in and tried to take over. The four maintained that they had been kicked out of another squat and were not going to sleep on the street.