There have been protests demanding right of way; this was in 2009. | Teresa Ayuga

On Monday, the Balearic government approved amendments to the plan for management of natural resources in the Tramuntana Mountains that will permit access to parts of the Ternelles finca in Pollensa that have been denied to hikers.

The amendments include regulations for the Ternelles Way as far as the Cala Castell and also for the Castell del Rei. In February 2022, the Supreme Court in Madrid ruled that hikers could not use this track despite having previously recognised the existence of a right of way. In 2021, Pollensa town hall was obliged to alter its regulations and suppress this right of way in compliance with a decision by the Balearic High Court.

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The environment minister, Miquel Mir, says that the amendment "will solve the problem that has existed until now regarding a small section of the Camí de Ternelles that was in an exclusion zone and that the owners have used as an argument to prevent access by hikers". He adds that new rules for authorisation to use the way will be drawn up in a few weeks. There will be a maximum number of people at any given time.

Tomeu Cifre, the former mayor of Pollensa and now deputy mayor for urban planning, says that the administration had been urging the government to modify the management plan, "as we thought this was the right formula to get us back on track". Unfortunately, he notes, the government opted for a shortcut, "which has led to a legal process that has cost us a lot of time and money". Cifre isn't ruling out the possibility that the owners (the March family of Banca March) will present an appeal that delays the process.