The King of Spain’s nephew, Froilán de Borbón y Marichalar. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The King of Spain’s nephew, Froilán de Borbón y Marichalar, has been implicated by the National Police in a mass brawl involving knives outside a well-known Madrid discotheque.

According to El Confidencial, which cites sources close to the incident, the events took place in the early hours of November 25 - more than thirty people were involved.

The National Police have opened proceedings for an alleged crime of brawling, a criminal offence punishable by between three months and a year in prison, according to the same information.

According to the same information, one of the doormen of the discotheque confirmed that there had been an altercation between two groups of young people who were under the influence of alcohol and that it had been caused by some alleged damage to a parked car.

In the incident, Frolián’s friends were assaulted and suffered several cuts, one of them being a 2.5 centimetre stab wound.