Suspects are in police custody. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Three armed hooded men posing as neighbours, knocked on the door of a couple in Es Rafal and, once the woman opened the door, robbed the house.

The National Police Force have arrested two men, a 20-year-old Spaniard and a 30-year-old Colombian, as the alleged perpetrators of a robbery with violence. The events took place on December 11, at 7:40 pm, in a house in the Es Rafal neighbourhood of Palma.

According to the police investigation, three hooded men entered the property, grabbed the woman by force, covered her mouth and took her to the bathroom with a knife to her neck.
The other two hooded men went to the bedroom where the husband was in bed because of a physical handicap.

The assailants started rummaging through the room and not finding what they were looking for, they went to the bed and held a knife to the man’s throat and demanded money.

In view of the situation, the man indicated to the thieves where the money was located and they stole about 17,000 euros.
One of the robbers then hit the man in the head with the handle of the knife, causing injuries, and the three robbers fled the house.

Several patrols went to the scene and gathered initial information, interviewing the victims who reported that they recognised the voice of one of the assailants because he was apparently a friend of their daughter.