The monument has been the focus of controversy for years. | Archive

The Balearic High Court has formally notified the Council of Mallorca of a judgment by the Supreme Court in Madrid which gives the Council two months to catalogue the monument in Palma's Sa Feixina Park. This refers to the heritage catalogue and it would mean giving protected status to a monument that the Council and Palma town hall have been wishing to demolish because of its Francoist association.

At the beginning of October, the Supreme Court notified the Memòria de Mallorca association that an appeal it had been seeking would not be admitted. This was against a Balearic High Court ruling that the monument did not violate the national law of historical memory. The association had argued that the monument was dedicated to "the heroes of the warship, Baleares", a ship under the command of Franco's Nationalists that was sunk by Republican torpedoes in March 1938; 765 of a crew of more than a thousand were killed.

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All symbols related to Franco and the Nationalists were removed from the monument in 2010. This was a decision of Palma town hall when the mayor was Aina Calvo who, like José Hila now, is a member of PSOE.

The Council has yet to respond to the high court's notification, which was on Tuesday. The councillor for culture, Bel Busquets, has previously said that the Council would "abide by this judicial imposition by legal imperative".