Imagine the unthinkable for some Gibraltarians....Spanish police on duty at the airport, port and the frontier but this is the deal on the table as Gibraltar struggles since Brexit.

Talks are underway at the moment between Gibraltar, Spain and Britain and it has been claimed that British driving licences in Spain are also part of the deal. This has been denied by Britain but it does appear to be a distinct possibility. At the moment Spain does not recognise British driving licences.

Gibraltar wants to form part of the Schengen Agreement which involves free travel across member states and most members of the European Union have signed the agreement, Spain included. Britain has never been a member so for Gibraltar to join Schengen, Spanish police would have responsibility over immigration and travel. This would mean Spanish police officers being stationed at Gibraltar airport and port and at the frontier.

So far no agreement has been reached and talks are set to continue. It is hoped that a deal could be reached before the end of the year.