The British government continue to negotiate with Spain over the validity of British driving licences and eventhough talks have been ongoing for more than six months there is still no accord. At the moment, Spain does not recognise British driving licences for residents leaving many UK residents pondering whether to retake their driving test in Spain.

The British Embassy issued the following statement:

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We wanted to let you know some of what has been happening since the Ambassador’s last video message. Teams on the UK and Spanish side continue to negotiate to try to reach agreement on the final points in the annexes. The UK’s Minister for Europe was in Spain today (Friday) and raised the driving licence issue with his counterpart in an attempt to get the outstanding points over the line; stressing again the huge impact that the inability to drive is having on people.

As the ambassador said in his last message, we do not underestimate the difficulties some people are facing. There is only so much that is within the gift of the UK government, but we can only assure you that we continue to push to conclude the negotiations as soon as possible, and that case studies of how this is affecting you have been shared with the Spanish Government. Thank you for your patience."

But British residents in Spain are not impressed and have taken to social media to vent their frustration.