The swimming pool was eventually recvored by the Guardia Civil. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

A criminal court in Palma has sentenced a man to one year in prison after he confessed to the judge that he stole a fibreglass swimming pool from a warehouse in Santa Maria in June 2020.
The defendant, a Spanish national aged 40, is currently in prison on other charges.
He will also have to pay 10 euros for breaking a padlock.

Initially, the public prosecution had requested two years in prison for the accused, but a deal was reached between the two parties.
The facts date back to June 2020.
The man, accompanied by an accomplice, whose whereabouts are unknown, went to a company located in Santa Maria and stole a swimming pool which was nine metres long and almost four metres deep and also took a trailer.

A security camera recorded the scene.
Days later the Guardia Civil recovered the pool in a villa in Son Ferriol and arrested the two suspects. The other suspect, a Cuban who has also been arrested, participated in an identical robbery three months earlier.

On that occasion, he hooked a five-metre swimming pool to a boom truck after jumping over the perimeter fence.
The prosecution is asking for three years’ imprisonment for him.