Attempted robbery took place in the Playa de Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Several people who witnessed the theft of a handbag from a woman on the terrace of a bar in Playa de Palma managed to hold the offender, a 21-year-old Algerian man, until he was finally arrested by the National Police.

The incident took place on the night of Tuesday, October 18. 091 were alerted to a violent robbery of a handbag in a bar and that several witnesses were holding him on the floor.

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The victim told officers that she was sitting on a terrace of a bar and suddenly the suspect passed by her side and grabbed her handbag, which was on the table. The woman was able to hold on to her bag to prevent the young man from running off with it, but he dragged her off her stool and she fell into the terrace fence.

At that moment, the victim dropped her handbag and the thief ran away. The woman’s partner chased after him followed by a number of other witnesses. They caught up with him and after struggling they were able to pin him to the ground.

Minutes later he was arrested by National Police officers on a charge of robbery with violence.
The victim of the robbery had to be treated by an ambulance crew for a blow to the hip after being dragged by the young man.