Palma's lights are due to be on from November 19. | Ajuntament de Palma

The Balearic government is seeking to limit the hours when Christmas lights can be on. The director-general for energy and climate change, Pep Malagrava, says that there is a "critical" situation in terms of energy and climate. "The reduction of consumption is key to achieving objectives in respect of both."

With this in mind, the ministry for energy transition is looking to reach consensus with town halls regarding the hours for Christmas lights. The measures it wants are understood to go beyond those of the Spanish government.

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In Palma, November 19 is the scheduled date for the Christmas lights to be switched on, a week earlier than last year. The councillor for infrastructure, Angélica Pastor, says that this represents a return to the schedule as it was pre-pandemic and argues that it is "reasonable". The lights will be on until 10pm Monday to Friday and until midnight at weekends. On certain days - December 24 and 31 and January 5 - the lights will remain on until six in the morning.

She adds that "we are waiting to see if there is any measure, but we believe that it is a reasonable schedule, one that responds to the needs of small businesses". She explains that all the lights are LED; they are very sustainable and offer "great energy savings".

The government is meanwhile running up against opposition to limiting hours from employers groups, such as the Pimem federation for small to medium-sized businesses and the CAEB restaurants association.