The opposition have been denouncing the hotel's operation of the car park. | MDB

The three opposition parties at Pollensa town hall - Alternativa per Pollença, Junts Avançam and Podemos - are to present a motion at Thursday's council meeting which will demand that the owners of the Hotel Formentor (constituted as Inmobiliaria Formentor SAU) cease to exploit the car park by the beach and send all relevant financial information related to the car park to the town hall within ten working days.

This is the latest development in an ongoing row that doesn't only involve the car park. For example, the opposition parties declined to attend a meeting last week at which the owners intended to explain the demolition and reconstruction of the hotel. The Alternativa, Junts and Podemos said they wouldn't meet the owners until the town hall administration confirms whether the works carried out comply with licences that have been granted.

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In the specific case of the car park, the parties have been accusing the owners of "illicit enrichment" because they have continued to operate it, having appealed against a transfer to the town hall under the agreement for licensing work at the hotel.

The owners have warned the parties to cease their accusations of alleged "illicit enrichment" or else they will take legal action. In a letter addressed to each of the parties, the owners asked that they "immediately stop the false accusations about the alleged illicit enrichment of the parking activity". These accusations "clearly attack the image and good practices of our entity and of the entire group of great professionals who make it up". "If not, we will be forced to take necessary legal action to defend our rights, which we see as being clearly violated."