Court hearing ran through the night in Manacor. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


In the early hours of this morning the Manacor duty judge ordered the imprisonment without bail for two of the young men accused of assaulting the head of the local police of Porreres.
Bail was set at 3,000 euros for a third person.

The arrested men, all of them Spanish of Moroccan origin, arrived at five o’clock on Thursday afternoon at the Manacor courts and the magistrate took their statements in a hearing that lasted until well after midnight.

Numerous relatives of the detainees, who thought they would be released after giving their statements, gathered outside the courthouse doors to express their anger at the judge’s decision to send them to prison.

A total of three adults and two minors have been arrested after the assault on Sebastià Mora.
The teenagers were placed at the disposal of the juvenile prosecutor’s office and have since been released.

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The other three adults were escorted by the Guardia Civil on Thursday afternoon to court in Manacor.
The assault on the head of the Porreres local police, Sebastià Mora, occurred at around 2.30am last Sunday during a private party held on the football pitch of the Unió Esportiva Porreres.