Damage caused by the bus crash. | Guillem Rosselló


Residents, workers and business owners on C. Espartero in Palma, where a bus crashed on Wednesday, believe that on this occasion it was lucky that no one was seriously injured or worse. They all argue that there is a need to control the traffic, one resident explaining that the road lanes are narrow, the kerbs are very low and vehicles travel very fast. "A few months ago a woman was run over, and seriously so. This time, it was lucky that no one was passing."

A bar worker says that "the problem is speed". "It's always the same. People don't respect the traffic signals and at weekends the recklessness increases. The fact that more people are not run over here is by sheer luck."

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Dani Celis of the Izakaya Japanese restaurant, a few metres from where the bus crashed, recalls at least four accidents (one of them very serious) in much the same place. "It's necessary to have a speed radar, bumps or something. If a car touches the kerb at high speed, it goes straight onto the pavement because the kerb is so low. Pedestrians must be protected."