A town without law and even the sheriff has been attacked. This is the story of the quiet Mallorca town of Porreras which is reeling from an attack on the chief of police by six youths. Residents say that it has become a town without law especially at night when there are no police on duty.

The attack on the chief of police occured early on Sunday morning when the off-duty officer intervened to try and stop a gang of youths abusing a young girl at the football ground. He was badly beaten and when he returned to his home the youths were waiting for him armed with baseball bats. They tried to intimidate him.

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The Mayor, Xisca Mora, said that it was an outrageous attack meanwhile residents claim that it has become a "a town without law...". The Guardia Civil have started a full investigation into the incident and the six are expected to be arrested within hours. Meanwhile, Porrerras is in shock.