Car park by the beach in Cala Llombards. | MDB

The Costas Authority is demanding that Santanyi town hall closes the car park by the beach in Cala Llombards and that it removes all facilities and signs. The car park is located in a "beach area", where the circulation and parking of vehicles is prohibited.

The Costas have acted following a complaint from the environmentalists GOB regarding loss of the dunes system. The town hall is now studying how it should proceed, given that the Costas Authority has made clear that the car park is its responsibility and not the town hall's.

Although the Costas have given a month to close the car park, the town hall maintains that at a meeting last June it was agreed that it would be closed once the tourism season was over.

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This car park can accommodate around one hundred vehicles and it has helped to alleviate what at times is traffic chaos in Cala Llombards.