Incident took place in the Playa de Palma. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

The National Police have arrested an 18- year-old and Argentinean for an alleged crime of breaking and entering after he broke into a discotheque in Playa de Palma which was closed.

The suspect was only wearing his underwear when the incident took place.

According to police sources, the incident took place this Sunday at 7.00 am.
The suspect jumped over a gate and entered the establishment, which was closed and being cleaned.
Staff alerted the owner, who, when he arrived on the scene, saw the young man undressing and wanting to dance.
He asked for the lights to be turned on and music to be played.

The businessman and some friends managed to remove the suspect from inside the discotheque, at the same time as they alerted the National Police.

When the officers arrived, they arrested the young man, who was only wearing his pants, and showed signs of being under the influence of drugs.