'El Ove' going to court. | Julio Bastida

'El Ove', the head of the Los Bizcos clan in Palma's Son Banya shanty town, has been arrested by the National Police. He was detained on Tuesday after turning himself in. Police pressure is understood to have told, three of his children having been arrested over recent days.

He is considered to be something of a successor to drugs matriarch 'La Paca' in being the most important drugs trafficker in Son Banya. He was a target of a joint Guardia Civil and National Police operation in mid-July, when 28 people were arrested in all. He avoided arrest on that occasion, but police said that it would just be a matter of time before he was arrested. He is the sixth person to be detained in the latest round of arrests.

The operation in July involved raids of some fifty properties, thirty of them in Son Banya. Large quantities of drugs were seized along with 180,000 euros cash, a pistol and a rifle.

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He was released on charges after appearing in court on Tuesday and exercising his right not to testify-