Guardia Civil in Magalluf. | Michel's

On Saturday, the Guardia Civil arrested six drug dealers in Magalluf. They are all said to belong to a criminal organisation dedicated to the sale of drugs and to theft. This gang has re-emerged, having been broken up in 2019.

A seventh person was released the same day; the others were in court late on Sunday. Five of the six were issued with restraining orders - they have to keep away from Magalluf.

Of the six, five are Senegalese and one is Nigerian. The Guardia Civil say that they are part of a structure that has gained control over the sale of drugs in the area. They masquerade as street sellers.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Guardia Civil officers were deployed at different points along C. Punta Ballena. The dealers were in their usual places. Drugs were found in their possession, while other drugs had been hidden in various places.