Aida is the cruise operator using Palma that gets closest to 50% compliance. | Gemma Andreu

NABU is Germany's Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union. It has analysed nineteen cruise operators, concluding that eighteen are failing to take sufficient measures to protect the environment, climate and public health.

Of these eighteen, sixteen operate in Palma. The one company that complies with 50% application of measures doesn't use Palma - this is Hurtigruten Norway, which only sails in Norway. The other two that don't come to Palma are Hurtigruten Expeditions and Germany's Phoenix Reisen, which does include Mahon on its itineraries.

Spain's Ecologistas en Acción works closely with NABU. This organisation says that "despite the fact that most cruise companies declare they have a climate strategy and are committed to the environment, the reality is that heavy fuel continues to dominate the current market".

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It adds that liquefied natural gas, on which some ships run, is "another fossil fuel with potentially greater climate impacts than marine diesel". "More and more ships are capable of electrical shore connection, but actual use remains very low. The use of batteries and fuel cells powered from renewable energy sources is scarce and they are used only as a complement to the combustion engine."

Ecologistas en Acción don't overlook smaller cruise ships, so-called expedition cruisers, as these don't necessarily have better environmental performance. "In addition, they are often accompanied by a flight to the other end of the world, so the environmental footprint per passenger is ultimately very high. Added to this is that they often travel to particularly sensitive regions of the world."

Of the eighteen cruise operators analysed by NABU which don't meet 50% compliance with climate and environmental protection measures, Aida Cruises is the closest - just short of the 50%.