The accident on Wednesday. | Gori Vicens


A former mechanic with the company that operates the tourist train service in Cala d'Or says that days before the accident that resulted in eleven people being injured, he had informed the human resources department that the service had multiple deficiencies. He accuses the company of pressuring drivers into meeting the timetable and of putting vehicles into circulation without minimum security measures.

"It's very easy to blame the drivers for accidents, but the public should know that the conductors were eliminated and that drivers have to collect fares and drive. This takes more time. Sometimes you have to speed up a bit in order to prevent delays. They have us working 12-hour shifts and mechanics don't have the tools or materials to do the job."

Shortly after reporting deficiencies, he was fired. He adds that other workers intend issuing a joint statement denouncing the conditions and may even go on strike.

Witnesses and the people who were injured say that the train was going too fast. The driver has explained that when the carriages are full, the train has to pick up speed in order to deal with the slope where the accident occurred.