Maximillian White. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Maximillian White, the British billionaire whose brother Tobias died at Son Llàtzer Hospital on Sunday after several days in an induced coma, says that he has already spent close to one million euros on his own investigation into the death of Tobias.

White, whose fortune comes from a medicinal cannabis business, has been working with a team of 45 people in seeking to establish exactly what happened in Magalluf on the night of July 26.

The Guardia Civil report to the court of instruction in Palma that is overseeing events states that Tobias White tried to enter a Magalluf establishment (the Boomerang club) without a shirt and that doormen denied him entry. He became aggressive and had to be restrained by security personnel and by Guardia Civil officers who went to the club.

The Guardia's homicide squad, in charge of the investigation, believes that he died as a result of an overdose because he had taken four different types of drugs.

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Maximillian White questions this version. "I'm not here out of thirst for revenge. I'm not saying that they wanted to kill my brother because that would be lying, but the brutality of the doormen and the Guardia officers caused his death."

He explains that he has several videos of what happened. "The security personnel grabbed my brother from behind and brutally restrained him. They took off the chain he was wearing, his shoes, and they beat him all over. Tobias suffered two cardiorespiratory arrests. He had his face pressed to the ground, a knee on his head and eight people on top of him." "Eight!" His brother, he says, was screaming that he couldn't breathe, like George Floyd.

"Even if my brother was involved in some kind of altercation (to do with his not wearing a shirt), what is the protocol? You take a man down, sit on top of him and beat him up for 30 minutes even though he says he can't breathe. I would like to know why they acted like this, why there are Africans working without a licence in nightclubs who don't know how to speak English or Spanish."

White believes that the heart attacks suffered by Tobias were caused by a lack of oxygen and alludes to possible racism - "We are talking about the death of a man who had eight people on him, a man with no criminal record. If he had been white and Spanish he would be alive."