The Guardia Civil are investigating six possible cases. | Guardia Civil


The Guardia Civil is investigating six possible cases of women being injected in nightclubs or nightlife venues in the Balearics, four of them in Ibiza and another two in Mallorca.

According to the Guardia Civil, of these six cases, three of them have filed a complaint and the other three have not wished to file a complaint, which is why an ex officio investigation has been opened to clarify the facts.

The allegedly took place between June and July and, for the moment, no related person has been identified as responsible for these alleged acts.

The Guardia Civil recognises that there is a lot of social nervousness about this issue, after the cases reported in other cities across Spain, and has clarified that none of the victims detected in the Balearics have reported having suffered a criminal act after being injected, be it robbery or of a sexual nature.

Despite this, the Guardia Civil has opened an investigation to clarify the facts.

Yet this problem is not exclusive to women in Spain, with identical instances occurring in countries including Switzerland, France and the UK.

A Spanish women reported one case to the Civil Guard, which is one of two national police forces, according to local reports.

Victims so far have typically been women under 30, however at least one male has been injected with drugs.

Liquid ecstasy - or GHB (gamma hydroxybutyric acid) - is usually used in these attacks because they disappear without a trace.

The drug can be administered orally, and there have been instances where predators have diluted these into victims’ drinks.