Surveillance will be stepped up at the cemetery. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The cemetery in Palma has become a place of theft, vandalism, sex and drug-taking. One of the families says that there has been a wave of thefts over several months - "they respect absolutely nothing, they take crucifixes, decorative ornaments, rings and metal objects".

Items that are stolen, it is believed, are sold to scrap and secondhand dealers. The families insist that something must be done to stop this, adding that it isn't exactly "normal" for dealers to want items like crucifixes.

They say that they have seen people having sex. Many of these people, they claim, are drug addicts, the cemetery having attracted heroin users. There are other couples who go to the cemetery in order satisfy their sexual fantasies. One family member says: "They leave condoms on the graves and we have found evidence of drinking. If you say anything to them, they can become violent."

The Palma municipal company responsible for the cemetery says that surveillance will be intensified.