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Town halls do manage to find some odd terminology for their bylaws. Odd, but perhaps they don't wish to offend the citizens by being too explicit when referring to bodily functions.

As of Thursday, new ordinance applies to the beaches in Santa Margalida - Son Bauló and Son Serra as well as the main beach in Can Picafort. Under article 22, which relates to hygiene and sanitation, the ordinance states that "physiological evacuation" in the sea or on the beach is prohibited.

Using the beach or sea as a loo is classified as a minor infraction, as also is not using ashtrays or other means of collecting cigarette ends; Santa Margalida hasn't banned smoking. Minor infractions are subject to fines up to 750 euros, so physiological evacuation is valued at half of what it is on the neighbouring beaches in Muro, where the fine has been 1,500 euros since 2011.

At the top end of the fines scale, the most serious offences include ignoring red flags. Going into the sea when a red flag is flying is subject to a fine of between 1,500 and 3,000 euros, the usual fine being 2,500.