Hoteliers in Playa de Palma, home to the popular resorts of Arenal and Can Pastilla, have had enough and are taking action themselves following a wave of incidents this summer. As part of a new plan launched by hoteliers, "as a result of the inaction by the local authorities" hotel staff will be trained by police on how to deal with rowdy tourists and all hotel guests will be asked to sign a "code of good conduct" before they are allowed to check in.

Hoteliers are also putting aside extra cash to pay for private security guards and police reports will be on hand in all hotels so that crimes can be reported more rapidly.

"We are in peak season with occupancy levels similar to 2019 (before the start of the pandemic) but we have the same problems as every year, problems which the local authorities appear to be unable to deal with and for this reason we have launched our own security plan," the hoteliers said in a statement this morning.

This part of the island is exceptionally popular with German tourists and this year it has been hit by a wide range of incidents involving rowdy tourists.