Breaches of regulations are "constant". | Emilio Queirolo

The hoteliers association in Playa de Palma has presented a series of complaints to Palma town hall which point to continuing tourist excess and anti-social behaviour. The association's lawyer, Patricia Campomar, says that a lack of police to ensure compliance with municipal ordinance is making the situation worse than it was before the pandemic.

Breaches of regulations, she explains, "are constant". Among others, these relate to illegal street selling, large "botellón" drinking parties on the front line, and the sale of alcohol in unauthorised establishments or outside the permitted hours.

The town hall and police have been sent evidence of, for example, illegal masseuses on the beach and drinks' promotions - happy hours and two for one. Yet these promotions are meant to be "strictly prohibited". Campomar adds that the situation is "out of control". There are cases of cocktails being provided by home delivery businesses so that holidaymakers can take these to the beach and of sellers making cocktails in hotel gardens and selling them on the streets. There is also an airport transfer service which offers alcoholic drinks to people arriving at the airport. "When they get to hotel receptions, they have cans of beer with them."

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Campomar says there is evidence of all manner of breaches and that the association is not ruling out taking legal action, such as with the transfer service. "We are not even halfway through July and it's worse than ever. There is a lack of vigilance and commitment to enforce the regulations."

"It doesn't make sense" that hoteliers have made great efforts in recent years to modernise their facilities only for this to be "of no use because there is no one to force compliance with the ordinance". She is critical of the National Police station and the local police office "closing at night", adding that the association has asked on several occasions "how many police units there are for surveillance". "But no one tells us."

The hoteliers are demanding an increase in police numbers and poster campaigns warning of sanctions.

* Part of Playa de Palma as well as Arenal in Llucmajor are, like an area of Magalluf, subject to the Balearic government's tourism of excesses decree. In addition, Playa de Palma is a town hall "special area" for police intervention.