A lot of Covid around at present. | Jaume Morey

The "seventh wave" of coronavirus in the Balearics continues to produce more infections, the spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, Javier Arranz, suggesting that the number of infections will grow for at least two to three more weeks.

Last week, the number of people admitted to hospital rose by 50% - there were 332 Covid patients in the Balearics by Friday. Before those figures were released, the head of the epidemiology service at Son Espases, Antonio Oliver, suggested that the islands would be close to reaching the peak of the wave this week.

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On Monday, Arranz indicated that there was still some time to go, adding that the current variant is more contagious and that mobility will intensify in the coming days due to the holidays. Despite the fact that cases are generally mild, especially among those who have been vaccinated three times, Arranz said that vulnerable people can still end up in hospital or die.

Referring to the fourth dose of vaccine that is due to be available in the autumn, Arranz believed that this will immunise against new variants. The current situation, he noted, is "far" from being so difficult as to warrant reintroduction of restrictions, although he suggested that requesting the wearing of masks would be the "least of all evils".

For the Balearic government, spokesperson Iago Negueruela said on Monday that the pandemic is under control in the Balearics, despite the increase in cases. Asked about possible measures, he stressed that the government's main recommendation is to have the booster jab.