Fijo discontinuo contracts are a reason. | Miquel À. Cañellas

New figures from the National Statistics Institute (INE) indicate that the average salary in the Balearics in 2020 was 23,881 euros. The national average was 25,165 euros.

The INE report shows that that there was a 2.4% increase in this average salary in 2020. But this was only on paper, as the INE has considered salaries registered by companies and not what was actually paid - this was because of the ERTE furlough scheme.

The average salary in the Balearics differs significantly from that of the region with the highest average - the Basque Country (30,224 euros). One explanation for this has to do with the high number of employees in the Balearics who are on 'fijo discontinuo' contracts. They are paid for the months that they work and receive benefit for the other months, which results in a drop in their average salary. Regions where this type of contract is nowhere near as common as it is in the Balearics, such as Aragon and Navarre, have higher average salaries.

The best-paid workers in 2020 were in the industry sector - 24,466 euros. Construction sector had the lowest average (22,819 euros), while the service sector average was 23,975 euros.