The number of carriages has decreased considerably. | Jaume Morey

Palma's horse carriage operators say that the town hall has not organised exams for obtaining a licence for two years. This affects ten people, all children of the current drivers.

Rafael Suárez says that the licences are for life. "Our children are waiting for the exams to be able to work. They are the new generation and they cannot work." His son has been waiting since 2020 to take the exam. "They are placing obstacles in front of us. The town hall should help us not hinder us." He adds that he has taken the town hall to court over the matter and notes that he had to sell two of his four horses because of the pandemic. "No one has given us any help."

The town hall points out that the exams haven't been held for a year and a half because of the pandemic and a lack of personnel. The exam comprises two parts - a written test and a practical test. The latter requires the presence of a vet and a technician from the mobility department. It is anticipated that there will be exams during the rest of the year.

The carriage operators are also complaining about "persecution" by animal-rights campaigners. This has led to criticisms from tourists. "They are making our lives impossible," says Antonio Vargas. "There were some 50 carriages and now there are only 18." He agrees with carriages stopping when there is a yellow alert for high temperatures. There again, "it usually only lasts half an hour and it's not that hot". "There are town hall employees working in the direct sun and they don't say anything."