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The platform of residents and hoteliers 'Por una Platja de Palma Cívica' has submitted a report to Palma town hall detailing 4,841 deficiencies that were evident in 2021. These relate to infrastructure - pavements, roads, signs, lighting and so on. They are reminding the town hall that Playa de Palma is the largest tourist resort area in Mallorca and that it requires far greater attention than it has been receiving.

Of these deficiencies, 2,025 have to do with the poor condition of pavements, while 1,089 point to blurred road markings, illegible or broken road signs and traffic light poles covered with stickers.

Example of infrastructure faults in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

There are 537 complaints regarding lighting and lampposts and 343 for various issues - graffiti, accumulation of rubbish and streets not being cleaned. On top of these, there are complaints about fire hydrants, weeds, an absence of trees where there should be trees, and beach services.