Electric car recharging point. | Ultima Hora

Palma City Council and Emaya are working on a plan to create 2,000 new recharging points for electric vehicles.

The plan is to install recharging centres in 50 locations with an average of 40 plugs in each. Every point will have eight 50 KW M4-type connections, which can recharge vehicles in one hour and the rest will be 22 KW M3-type connections, which charge cars in two hours.

The project will cost 30 million euros and Emaya hopes to finance it with European funds. The objective is to distribute the facilities throughout Palma, especially at municipal car parks, sports facilities and industrial estates.

The project promoters also plan to launch a mobile App that will allow people to reserve a charge point and pay for it electronically.

They are aimed mostly at people who don’t have a fixed charging point at home or in their parking space and will be "clean and totally free of emissions."

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is being used as a reference for the project which is one of the highlights of PACES; Plan d'Acció pel Clima i Energia Sostenible by Palma City Council.

This document includes a battery of measures and projects aimed at reducing C02 emissions by 40% and is expected to be approved by Palma City Council in the coming weeks.