Eco Wave Energy system. | EWP

The first wave energy power plant in Spain is to be built in Port Adriano by Eco Wave Power. Initially it will generate one megawatt of power, then increase to two megawatts, covering 50% of the energy consumed in Port Adriano.

The plan is to build the Eco Wave Power plant on the private port dock, provided all the necessary permits are granted and any surplus could be sold to the general network or stored.

Inna Braverman, CEO, Eco Wave Power.

“The meeting between Port Adriano and our company came about through the contacts we have with solar-powered ships based here,” explains Eco Wave Power CEO, Inna Braverman. “Port Adriano will be the first port in Spain with our technology and we are now in talks with Valencia and Bilbao. We are interested in all types of port facilities, from conventional and commercial to marine, such as Port Adriano. The goal is to make a positive impact and reduce the pollution generated by ports.”

“Wave energy occurs more frequently than solar and wind energy, because with those types of energy, the production peaks do not coincide with the moments of greatest use,” adds Braverman. “Our installation not only harnesses the energy of the waves, we can also place solar panels on the platform and installation of the plant is relatively fast. This year we are concentrating on processing the project and next year it will be operational.”

Eco Wave Energy Plant in Gibraltar.

Eco Wave Power has a number of other projects underway in Israel, the United States, Portugal, the UK, Morocco, Greece and Gibraltar.