The new work will be like this on C. Ariel. | Maria Nadal

Santanyi town hall is to spend 1.8 million euros of its 15.2 million euro budget surplus on further modernisation in Cala d'Or.

This will be for the Sant Antoni and Santa Eulàlia streets and will be like improvements made to Ariel and Bulevard, work that was carried out in 2020. Roads and pavements will be on the same level, and there will be renewal of street lighting, electricity cabling and pipes. Pavements will be widened and there will be a single lane for traffic.

This improvement work is one of 124 projects that the town hall plans to carry out using the budget surplus. Among others are a car park and an upper plaza in Portopetro, work on the Ca ses Monges in S'Alqueria Blanca, and redevelopment of the building annexed to the town hall in Santanyi itself.

Regarding the spending of the budget surplus, Mayor Maria Pons says that the town hall has "financial capacity in the banks". "We need to move the money and invest it in projects that provide a service to citizens".

In addition, the town hall is finalising the drafting of projects for the spending of some five million euros of European funds on tourist centres in the municipality.