Anger at the petrol pumps. | - EFE

Some petrol stations in the Balearics are considering closing temporarily for the duration of the 20 cents per litre rebate approved by central government. This was announced today by the president of the Federation of Service Stations of the Balearics, Joan Mayans.

He argued that from Friday - when the rule comes into force - they will be selling at a loss, as they earn between 0.9 and 0.11 cents on each litre of petrol. Service stations in the Balearics sell an average of 250,000 litres of fuel per month, so in the three months for which it has been approved, they would have to advance some 150,000 euros. There are 287 service stations on the islands. Of these, 235 are in Mallorca, 28 in Ibiza, 22 in Minorca and 2 in Formentera.

Mayans has expressed the group's discontent with the central government, as it has not answered their calls to explain the contents of the Royal Decree. They claim they do not know how long it will take the Ministry of Finance to return 90 percent of the money advanced.

He also complained that it is "a trap" because 90 percent of what was sold in the same period in 2021, when consumption was much lower due to the pandemic, will be recovered. Last Easter there was hardly any tourism on the islands due to the restrictions, while this year a revival of this sector is expected, which will mean an increase in fuel sales.