Three mega cruise ships were in port at the same time last week. | G. ALOMAR

The Platform against Mega Cruise Ships yesterday accused the Balearic Port Authority (APB) of failing to comply with the agreement on the simultaneous mooring of vessels in the port of Palma, because last Thursday three coincided at the same time.

The organisation has requested a meeting with the president of the APB, Francesc Antich, to ask him for explanations about the management of the so-called mega cruise ships in the port of Palma.

The platform has expressed its concern about the fact that, at the start of the tourist season, on the same day last week the mega cruise ships Mein Schiff 6, 295 metres long, the MSC Fantasia, 333 metres, and the Regal Princess, 330 metres, were moored in palma at the same time which "has broken the agreement on the simultaneous docking of mega cruises".

They also denounced the "information blackout" of the arrival of these ships by the APB, which makes it difficult for civil society to monitor compliance with the agreement.
They said that between the 16th and 25th of March, the official Balearic ports website was not updated with regards to the arrival of cruise ships.
In addition, the traffic forecast section presented erroneous information on the 24th, it indicated the presence of two cruise ships in the port, when in reality there were three.

The Platform against mega cruise ships has asked for an explanation as to why the wrong information was presented and why the data was not kept up to date, and complained that it has not received an answer, although the day after they asked, the APB website was updated.

The platform has registered a formal request with the Balearics Port Authority of the Balearics, asking for an explanation as to what is the description and definition of "mega cruise ship" as defined in the agreement that was made with the shipping companies. It also requests a meeting with Antich.