Chinese shops affected by supplies disruption. | Archive

Chinese businesses in the Balearics are being affected by disruption to supplies from China because of the Ukraine war. The freight train on Yiwu-Madrid Railway line, the longest railway in the world, has been suspended because of the war. The train carries thirty containers. In addition, there is the lockdown in Shanghai because of Covid. This has affected the shipping of goods from the port in Shanghai. Shipping companies have increased freight services from Asian ports to Spain, but this adds to cost, the price of fuel at present being another factor.

Responding to the disruption, Chinese businesses are turning more to local suppliers. The president of the Chamber of Commerce in Mallorca, Antoni Mercant, says that global logistics have been made difficult because of the current situation. In the case of Asian imports, these arrive in the Balearics via Valencia, but "the logistical impact of everything that is happening now will begin to show over the coming months". A lack of Asian products will become more obvious.