President Armengol speaking on Tuesday. | Pere Bota

On Tuesday, President Armengol announced a plan of 25 measures that will make available 70 million euros of direct aid plus loans totalling 36 million euros. These are measures to deal with rising prices and issues as a consequence of the war in Ukraine. They are in addition to those announced on Monday by the Spanish government.

Armengol told the Balearic parliament that the plan of measures had been agreed with employers, unions and political parties. Referring to the national plan, she highlighted the fact that Prime Minister Sánchez had secured agreement at the European Council for the so-called Iberian exception to address energy prices in Spain. She explained that the reduction in the price of fuel that the Spanish government has announced will save Balearic consumers 43 million euros.

Condemning Vladimir Putin as a despot, the president thanked the public in the Balearics for welcoming Ukrainians. "We have been obliged to react to the tragedy," Armengol said, noting that 250 places have been set up for refugees plus 350 in hotels under an agreement with the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation. "It is a war against European values," she stressed.

The president observed that the Balearics are suffering "like few others" from the rise in prices, which have shot up since the invasion of Ukraine. She emphasised that there have been no shortages due to the hauliers strike, insisting that "we must try to share the price of the war among everyone". This will be done in the same way as for the pandemic - "through dialogue, the sum of ideas and work".